Wednesday, November 13, 2019

SR4Kidz! eWorkshops Coming Soon! Register Now!

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Saturday's R4 Kidz! is a youth program (Pre-K-12) that combines education with wellness. We started our program over 15 yrs in Nashville, TN and have been excelling ever since in NY and in Michigan Ma'sha'Allah. This year we will be providing our participants with online workshops and a few onsite, In'sha'Allah. Our eWorkshops are national. 
Classrooms will Open January 1, 2020

  • Note: All eWorkshops are independent and self paced, but there are deadlines. 
  •  eWorkshops will be held in an e-classroom with other student where I can answer questions and assist, yet still giving participants their Independence for self motivation, self discovery, and self direction. (Parents are also encouraged to help their children when necessary).
  • Instructional PDF will be given upon e-classroom entrance. 
  • Completion of each eworkshop brings a SR4Kidz! Certificate.
  • Parents will have a choice of choosing individual workshops for kids or All workshops as a bundle.
  • Each eworkshop cost $8 (Comes with a SR4Kidz! Certificate "customized for particular e-Workshop")
  • Bundle of 6 e-Workshops: $40 (Comes with a SR4Kidz! Certificate listing all workshops and a SR4Kidz! T-shirt, with all completed eWorkshops!

SR4Kidz! Winter Wellness Read-A-Thon is designed to promote literacy, comprehension, wellness, and the love of reading and listening, This eWorkshop is for all youth(Toddlers-High School).
*Participants will write 3-5 sentence summaries for each book or story they read or listened to (audio books are accepted). Early learners can draw pictures.
*Participants will be asked to get sponsors or donors;They will be allowed to keep the money, however; with these monies, participants will be asked to do 3 acts of Wellness and Kindness. 
 *Instructional PDF will be given upon entrance into the e-classroom.
Sending letters and cards by mail may seem old fashioned, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our love of receiving mail from friends and loved ones!  Pen paling is an age old art of meeting new people and keeping in touch with loved ones from near and far. It can also increase great skills like:
*Penmanship*Spelling*Grammar*Punctuation*Capitalization*The love of creative writing*The love of reading*and Being Mindful! Pen-pals will be assigned with like genders and grade level and/or age group. Although there will be an eClassroom, Penpaling will take place through regular mail.
*Wellness and mindful topic will be given to help start beautiful, funny conversations 
Cost: FREE  Click Here to Register
Eco Science Discoveries & Adventures is an online/ independent science workshop. It is crafted much like a science fair project, except there are no competitions and our focus is on Natural Sciences. The Goal is to work towards discovering new ideas and possible solutions. 
* Once Registered
*Participants will be given an instructional PDF with format for creating and organizing science projects. 
*They will also be given a very comprehensive example of how a science boards should be constructed 
*Plus given a link to a reputable science website for science project ideas.
Brain wellness is very important; there have been enough studies about the importance of keeping your brain powered with mental exercises. So this year we are implementing Math Olympics. Math Olympics are thought provoking math problems that are usually used in contest settings. It's more than your average: addition, subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Algebra, Geometry, or Trigonometry... It's about *Strategy *Planning*Diagrams*ideas, *creativity*resourcefulness*reasoning*etcMath Olympic is for grades all levels, anyone/ at any age is welcome to try. You will have 1 month to solve 50 problems. (I will give hints), However; you can ask/involve family, teachers, friends, etc... It's quite o.k. to ask for help. Cost: $8 Click Here to Register

Are you a wellness Bee? Do you love the environment and natural things? Perhaps you will love this eWorkshop. It's about all things natural!
 nature plants the environment foods herbs the systems in the human body strategies to keep you well.
This will be (1 day) eWorkshop in an e-classroom setting, as an Independent quiz; So if you think it's for you I'd love to see you there! If you would like to test your skills in wellness. If you want to learn more in wellness! This workshop will be held in March 2020! and All ages are welcome!
Note: This workshop will be online.

In this age of Auto-correct and spell checker we are becoming more and more reliant on technology to correct our spelling and grammar usage, but what would happen if we didn't have auto correct or spell checker? 

 Put your thinking caps on and let the games begin! Join in on a fun game of Spell-orama! You will be given spelling words in 3 Forms:
Multiple Choice
As Definitions
You will be given second to answer each question Spell-orama quiz
This will be a race against time eWorkshop 

Friday, December 14, 2018

Living the Next Chapter... "Taping into Our Spiritual Selves"

For this month of December "Living the Next Chapter" will take a journey in search of a higher spiritual awareness. Perhaps we will learn things we didn't know about ourselves! We can accomplish things we have never done before or would like to do, explore more, or create and bring new ideas into existence.

This journey hopefully lead us right into 2019 with a positive out look on life and enhancing our spiritual selves.

Let's Make Our Own Organic Sugar Scrubs!

On November 25th, The ladies from "Living The Next Chapter" had a chance to partake in this tasty online workshop.
Not only was this simple, but also edible.
If you know me, then you'll know that one of my motto's are: 
"If you can't eat it, then you shouldn't be using it on the biggest organ of the body..."Your Skin".
As Always, Take Care and Live Well! 

Monday, October 22, 2018

Living The Next Chapter "Raw Pizza Challenge"

"Living the Next Chapter Raw Pizza Challenge"
PLEASE NOTE: Because this is a Wellness Program and Your First Line of defense against Disease and illnesses is through your Nutritional intake, health consciousness is the first thing the judges will be looking at; so try and remember this when deciding on your dish.  
you will be judged on:
(1) Health Consciousness
(2) Taste
(3) Originality
(4) Creativity
(5) Presentation

  • You must Name your Dish. 
  • You must List Brands Used.
  • You must List all ingredients.
  • You must make enough for 3 judges at least. You can make more to share with group if you wish.
  • Your food must be prepared at home and brought to the challenge site.

“Careful some packages, jars, can products, etc... may not be fully raw”
Organic is best
 Being creative and artsy goes a long way
Having the right taste combinations could put you above the rest!