Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"10 Tips For Strengthening Your Iman When You Can Not Pray."

"Come to Prayer, Come to Success"

Prayer is the second pillar of Islam next to the belief in The Oneness of God/ Allah (Highly Glorified is He.) Establishing prayer is most important. There are many benefits to prayer.... 
It restrains from shameful deeds, It is a form of Remembrance of God (Highly Glorified is He.) It also keeps our mentalities pure. 
So we must strictly guard our obligatory prayers.
We as Muslims Pray 5 time a day seeking the pleasures of Allah (GOD), Repenting for sins, and Hoping For Forgiveness.

For many of us, there will be times when we are not able to make our routine 5 daily prayers and at those times we can sometimes feel left out, sad, and tested especially if you are use to praying with others, so here are some tips that may help you at times when you can not pray...It may also help keep your remembrance for prayer times as well. Allahu'Alim

*At each prescribed time of prayer take 10-15 minutes out of your day to:
1)-Read Holy Quran (proof in Surah: 41:44, 18:72, 17:82-)
2)-Make Dua's and Duruuds (proof in Surah: 2:186)
3)-Recite The Quls (The quls are a ruqyyah/ healing)
4)-Recite 99 names of Allah (proof in Surah: 33:41-44, 2:152-153)
5)-Read Hadiths (Learn the ways and teachings of The Rasul'Allah S.A.W.)
6)-Recite Al Fatiha (Is a healing within itself.)
7)-Listen to the Athan (the call to prayer) with contemplation of it's meaning.
8)-Dhikr: Subhan'Allah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu'Akhbar (proof in Surah: 13:28)
9)-Recite- "La ilaha illa 'Llah, wala hawla wala quwwata illlla billah" (Tirmithi, ibn Majah, and others-)
10)-Recite or dhikr "Shahadah" (He who truthfully ask Allah S.W.T. for Shahadah, He will grant him the rank of a Shahid, even if he died on his bed. (-Muslim, Abu Dawud, and others)

May we all be blessed with good in this life, Burzakh, and the Akhirah, Ameen.