Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Aamil Shakur ~My beloved Step-Dad~

My Step dad, Aamil Shakur (Inna Allahi wa Inna Alayhi Raji'un.)
May Allah S.W.T. be pleased with his deeds and Give him Jannahtul Firdous. Ameen.
My Stepfather was truly a lovely man. He came into my life, when I was 23 yrs old and would passed away from cancer 10 years later.
 October 28, 2012 will make 7 years that I still go on missing and praying for him just as if it he was here yesterday.
 I am not grieving, nor am I sad.
 I realize that Allah (S.W.T.) gave us a time, in which tremendous growth took place.
He was there to sit with me on My Wedding Day.
He was there for my marriage and it's beginner's trials.
He fed us physically with food and spiritually with love. 
He was there to be a beautiful grand dad figure to five of my seven children (two, he never got to meet.)
He was a beautiful father-in-law to my husband.
He was there to give me support and encouragement in my goals.
He was there to give us all real talk when needed and remembrance of Allah (S.W.T.)
I learned what the character of a real man looks like,
 I learned his work and business ethics and how to appreciate the people Allah (S.W.T.) send your way.
I saw his unwavering love for Allah (S.W.A.) in the face of his short term illness,
 that he knew would lead to his death, Allahu'Alim.
 I was blessed to be by his side during his last days on earth. 
Allah (S.W.T.) allowed me to amass many blessings at this time. 
With all of his independence, my step dad knew that I wanted to do things for him; therefore, he allowed me. I fed him,
 we recited Qur'an together,
 He allowed me to read Surah Yasin every morning after Fajr to him,
 and when I couldn't, he would read to me.
 Although he thought the rose oil, I bought him smelled too girly,
he wore it in his salt and peppered beard anyway.
 Alhamdulillah, At the time I was learning Surah Al-A'la.
 He would help me, Mash'Allah.
 He didn't fail at reminding me of Surah Al Mulk. (in which he was learning.) lol! 
When He became too weak and sick.
I recited what I knew and waited for him to wake up. 
Whenever, he awakened, 
He would look to his right and then to his left.
(This became very common.)
He once was humming in his sleep. (He was not inclined to music)
So, I put my ear really close to try and hear. 
It was beautiful, no harmony I had ever heard)  
Just at that time he woke up and I asked him what was that he was humming.
He just smiled and went back to sleep. (I Still don't know, he never told me. lol)
My stepfather passed away during the last 10 days of Ramadan,
 Early Friday morning around 4 a.m., 
after a friend made Umrah for him, 
 His Shahadah finger was lifted. 
It stayed that way until the Imam came and prepared him. 
His doctor came in, looked over at him, and thought He looked Amazing!
His skin was really beautiful,
His beard was glistening,
His head was freshly shaved a couple of days prior to his death, 
No dramatic weight loss, 
As the men from the morgue of the hospital, came to wash him and transport him.
I reminded them to be conscious that he was a good man and a servant of God (Highly Glorified is He.)
They said yes ma'am. We will take care of him, don't worry.
I stood outside of the curtain while they made preparation. 
(they really were careful. I didn't hear a sound.)
 I  walk with those who was transporting him to the outside doors of the hospitals morgue.
This would be the furthest I was allowed.
 I made my last du'a with him and gave him the greetings as I always would.
"As-Salaamu-Alakium war Rahmatu'Allah." 
leaving ("Wa Barakatu' "for him to say, As a greeting better than that which I have given Him.)
(-and he always would, in this life.-)

 I truly believe that Allah (S.W.T.) knows that My step-dad can never be replaced.

Allah (S.W.T) has blessed me with a beautiful family of men in my life. I have a wonderful Husband of 16 yrs, Teenage Sons and younger sons, Wonderful Brothers and Nephew's, a Wonderful Uncle, and a Wonderful Father-In-Law. All are truly respectful, helpful, giving, kind and very gentle when dealing with the women in our family. I realize, that over time Allah (S.W.T.) has increased my blessing for that one Huge lost.
Today is just One of those days that I miss him Alot. 
(Inna Allahi wa inna Alayhi Raji'un.)

(Music video)
Written by: KC Goff and Mr.Ameen (My husband)
Singer : Mr. Ameen
(Lyrics were inspired while he was sick.)

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