Friday, October 12, 2012

Your Character... A Valuable Asset for the Soul."

If you remove Wealth, Beauty, Your Faculties, and Your following of Man, What do you have Left?


Your character is one of the most valuable assets you have on earth and it will follow you in the hereafter via your actions. Therefore, we should never allow someone to defame, slander, or tarnish our characters by means of jealousy, envy, or hate. Muslims are taught to be upstanding, righteous, trust worthy and truthful, fisabil'Allah (For the sake of Allah (SWT). As we work on our characters we are remembering Allah SWT and His Mercy as well as His wrath.  Having an upstanding character is a work in progress for us all, simply because we as humans are flawed. We sin from time to time and man can be hasty, creating wrong choices and unfortunate decisions. But, never should we give up hope for a beautiful character. Nor should we lay down and allow anyone to ruin our credibility out of sheer arrogance and/or ignorance. We must stand for what is right and forbid what is wrong. Even if it's against ourselves, loved ones, or foes. But when we feel we have tried and have done all we can to protect our characters and the characters of our fellow believers, we have what Yaqub (PBUH) told his sons after they took Yusuf (PBUH) away from him, As well as what Aisha (RAA) shared upon finding out of the slanders, rumors, and defamation of her character that was going about... 
***‘Fa sabroon jameel wallahul musta’anu ala matasifoon .*** ("With good patience, Allah is the one who aids me in that which you are accusing me.. .")

The Slander Of Aisha (RAA) is a very good Example: Please read if you don't recall the seriousness.--->

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