Sunday, November 18, 2012

"You Can't Hide What Is In Your Heart."

Humans hide from many things, We hide from our bosses, teachers, family members, we even hide from our true selves when we deny certain facts about who we really are and/or reinventing ourselves.

The Problem with denial and reinventing ones self
When one is in Denial about who they are, It's like that scenario of the elephant is in the room but everyone acts as if it's not there. Others can see you for who you are because what is inside of you (your heart), most times will expose you long before you realize it. Many times that exposure comes in the form of your Words, Word Usage, Actions, Facial Expressions, and Body Language.

 Reinventing  ones self  may only work if you have the tools of Honesty, Earnestness, and Righteous Effort. If you are reinventing yourself be mindful of the possibilities of building a  fictitious character that may help you to cope momentarily, but may not be good for you long term.

We simply can not "Mask" who we truly are. However, we can gain knowledge to help us improve our way of life and thinking. These types of improvements takes practice and patience, so be kind and patient with yourself, Insh'Allah... We are all a work on progress. Mash'Allah.

The Criterion
Allah S.W.T. has given the World a criterion within the Qur'an and in the lives all of His Messengers (Peace Be Upon Them All). He has sent this criterion time and time again since the beginning of time. If we study and implement these principles, our lives will not only change for the better, but it will leave very little room for being diverted away from the truth or righteousness.

Our hearts, minds, and actions are completely exposed to Allah (S.W.T.), Therefore; Maybe with knowing this, we will be more inclined to change what is unfavorable inside of us and Allahu'Alim.

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