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Sunday, March 17, 2013


When thinking of "Soul mates" we tend to think of them as a male and female whose souls and spirits are so inclined and in tuned to one another that they can't see anything else; well that can be partially true, but I have come to understand that there is so much more to soul mates than we realize.

What I believe

I believe that we can have a few soul mates male or female, but when it comes to a male/female intimate relationship there is only one ultimate soul mate. It's that special, significant person that when we meet them for the first time, we are sooo wow-ed! by them and when they're are no longer with us we feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness, loss, sadness, etc.. However; these feelings should not be confused with infatuation.

Friends that are soul mates

Friends who are soul mates which we sometimes call our "best friends" are those people who we can respect their differences, respect their decisions, and the trials of life that they must go through. Even if we dislike the bottom line. Our friends who are soul mates, we tend to understand deeply, sometimes without having to express things verbally.With these types of soul mates we will do what ever we can to help without placing ourselves and others in dangerous situation and those friends understand that and can respect that without persecutions or ill feelings. Most times in life you will only find one or two of these kinds of soul mates. You will truly love them as they will truly love you for the sake of God. These kinds of soul mate last an eternity.

Intimate Soul mates

Intimate soul mates are those people who touch our souls and spirits in ways that they have never been touched. Intimate soul mates do not have to be lovers, however; sometimes the feelings are so strong and intense that a love relationship can easily follow. Your intimate soul mate is one who possess most or all things that you admire, respect, or need in a person. What set the intimate soul mate apart from the rest is "Your Individual Ultimate Need." If your ultimate need is to be shown respect, because this is something you were never really shown, then when you meet that person who has all the general requirements that you desire mixed with "Your Individual Ultimate Need" that's what draws in that overwhelming love and desire for that person. An Intimate soul mate usually possesses what you need naturally, They don't have to try, nor do you have to teach them to be what you need.

I'm Your Soul mate but Your Not Mine

In most case someone will be a soul mate, but the other person won't feel completely the same. I believe that you rarely find two people who feel the same strength when it comes to an Intimate soul mate relationship. It can be very disheartening and very sad. We can all co-exist in Marriages and relationships without love, or some of our needs being met and without our Ultimate soul mate, we can be well content and live long productive lives with out having or meeting our Intimate soul mates, but If we ever were to meet our soul mate or If we knew our soul mate, we would immediately know the difference in the Marriage/Relationship that is of convienance or contentment; as opposed to the Marriage/ Relationship that is with the Ultimate soul mate.

Is My Soul mate Good or Bad for Me

Just because someone is your soul mate, that doesn't make them good for your soul or you good for theirs. In many cases soul mate can be hazardous. Especially if you place them or they place you above all else. Some soul mates are willing to do anything for the person they love even if that means hurting others. Some soul mates are already married to others when they meet which can cause affairs; which in turn, destroy or cause chaos in families; some soul mates relationships have such strong pull that they can loose a sense of focus or self identity. None of these things are healthy for the soul or spirit...I believe that we can not choose who we love, nor does God place in no man two hearts, that's just how things are but, we can use wisdom and our minds to choose what is right and most beneficial for all who are involved and not letting our emotions be our complete guide. Having a soul mate can feel so wonderful, exhilarating, and euphoric but it can also be scary, disheartening, and sad.

"Love Can Touch Us One Time And Last For A Life Time..." 
~Celine Dion (Titanic -My Heart Will Go On)
Take care of yourselves..