Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"An Overview of My Experience and Lecture @ MCWS Wellness Weekend."

On Saturday I was blessed to give a lecture among a group of Dynamic Speakers, Fitness Elites, and a wonderful Chef! Not only was this a wonderful experience, I felt honored to be among such beautiful spirits.

 Nadine of Nadoona Fitness is an awesome fitness instructor and such a warm sweet young lady.
Dr. Alo (Cardiologist) Shared wonderful medical information that was comprehensive as well as being able to share information with me on Congestive Heart Failure that will really help with my wellness consultations (since I know quite a few with this heart condition). 
The Abdullah Brothers (NFL) really are kind and down to earth Brothers. I really enjoyed meeting them, Since my sons and Husband couldn't be there to workout in their training seminar, They sent written peace and blessing to them all.

My lecture on "Complete Wellness in Light of Qur'an and Sunnah" was sharing info. about all of the beauty that Our Lord has bestowed on us for healing of the Mind, Body, and Spirit and how all of these methods lie within Qur'an and the way of Life The Rasul'Allah (S.A.W.), His Companions, as well as many other Prophets (P.B.U.T.). This lecture touched on Nutritional, Spiritual, and the Physical aspects of our daily lives and the implementing of Qur'an and The Sunnah as a guide.   

Jazakum'Allahu Khairan and Thank You Shirin Khan for Inviting Me to Speak at Such a Beautiful Forum.

My Daughters, Hamza and Abbas Abdullah.

Monday, April 8, 2013

"Beware of Jealousy"

"Take care of your OWN soul"

No matter How many Trial's and Changes, May we always worship Our LORD to the "BEST" of our Ability; With what Knowledge and Wisdom "HE" has provided "us" with. Our LORD IS ONE! not two or three... Personally, I can not and will not Apologize for the gifts I have been given of being Muslim.

(1) Save the hatred, tyranny, and furtive ways for minds who would succumb... Better yet, develop your soul for greater desires than tyrannical acts. 
(2) Focus on developing a good character leading to a righteous soul and Beautiful Conduct. 
(3) Look forward to a day where we will all be standing before our Lord (One GOD) and will answer for our Acts individually not collectively.
(4) If you sincerely feel that you are walking righteously, you shouldn't apologize either because No apologies are necessary... but if you know you are not... take the steps to amend your soul, before that day comes where you will not be able nor will you have any helpers against what your Lord has in-store. 

*** Wait; my friends ,because I am waiting with you*** 
One day when we are standing before OUR LORD, He will tell us all the TRUTH of that which we did or did not.... TAKE CARE OF YOUR "OWN" SOULS FRIENDS, 
 Straight from my ♥ to yours...