Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Holding Good Expectations of Allah SWT"

 "O Allah,To you is due all praises and thanks; it is only Your domain to do favors with grace. O Allah, I beseech You to enable me to perform the deeds loved by You, develop sincere reliance on You, and hold good expectations from You." 
(The Du'a of Ka'b ibn Ujrah (RA) and Abu Hurayrah (RA) ~ Kanz al- 'Ummal #3653, 3654)

~It is important to hold good expectations of Allah SWT, for Allah SWT deals with a person based on his expectations. When a servant of Allah SWT sincerely puts his Trust and Hopes in Him (SWT), Allah SWT does not disappoint him.~ 
(The Accepted Whispers)


  1. asalamualaikum wahrahmahtuallahi wabaraktu, thank you so much I appreciate you sis.