Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Lavender: The First Aid Flower"

A few pic from our Lavender workshop...

Esther Yaquta Mc Cormick, B.A. Ac.T ADS Educator & Acupressure Therapist

Lavender:The First- aid Flower.

 Introducing the Aromatherapy First Aid Kit.

We will explore all the many ways to use Lavender flowers and organic essential oil for your family: 

***We will make Sleep Pillows  & massage oils for babies, linen sachets, moon tea for PMS and balms for natural birth support.

Also, we will continue with our interactive workshop on auricular acupressure for healing, stimulating endorphin, treating pain, etc...To understand more on our last workshop please visit: 
Cost: $10 per person
A Few Pics from the Workshop

Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Purple Hijab Tea Party"

Kamilah Rashad, MSW
"State of Michigan Child and Women's  Advocacy" 
She will be with us to talk with us about help and resources that is available if needed. 
"Come and Join us for tea and a bite to eat while learning the meaning of this beautiful day, the meaning of World Hijab Day and A Day for Sisterhood! All attendees should try and wear their loveliest purple Hijab or scarves, Feel Free to bring your female family and friends.
Cost: $5 per person

A few Pics of tea's and foods from our tea party

Monday, February 3, 2014

"Understanding Gynecological Cancers and Making Herbal Tea Canisters"

The Ladies and I had such a wonderful time with this workshop! They learned about the signs, symptoms, and prevention of 5 types of Gynecological Cancers... Then We Made our own Tea Canisters and place 20 different Organic Herbal Teas in them... These teas were all healing teas for women issues like reproductive, immunity/ blood builders, and stress relievers! 
"Pics of tea canisters from our workshop"