Sunday, December 28, 2014

Saturday's R 4 Kidz! 2015 Kid Wellness Overview

Kid Friendly Fitness
Fitness is a very important apart of our everyday well being, The earlier children learn to make fitness a habit the better their well being will be. At each meeting we will begin our workshops with stretches, thereafter we will have fun, kid friendly workouts. 

Once a month we will Play Wellness Games, These games will enhance awareness in Nutrition, Physical Fitness, Team Work, Character building, and Friendships.

Healthy Eats
Once a month we will be making and creating our own healthy foods. This will encourage the children to try new foods, use their creativity, and have an open mind about healthy foods. They will learn about the benefits of these foods and the impact it has on our heath. Recipes are simple and kid friendly.

Create Your Own
Everyone has a little creativity within, we just have to cultivate it and watch it blossom. Kids are usually the most creative! Once a month we will be making all sorts of wellness stuff,  creating fun experiences as they make their own usable healthy products! They will be amazed at how simple it is to stay healthy and parents, you will love it!

Once a month we will have age appropriate challenges for the children. There will be fitness challenges, healthy food challenges, Create your own Challenges, and challenges in the Sciences. Every participant will be given medals and Winners will be given trophies for their hard work. These Trophies, Gifts, and Medals will  be given at the very end of the program in May.

Monday, December 8, 2014

~Air.abic I & II "New and Innovative Training"

(God Willing)
If at all possible...come to the Briefing on Saturday, January 3rd 2015. You will learn all about the programs offered, but If not... Here are some things that you can look forward to. 

"~Air.abic I & II"

(A) The training's will be on (Saturdays Only)

(B) In  Level I & II (Beginners I & II) Training... You will be trained for 5 months. 

*There are three levels .... (Beginners I&II, Intermediate I, II, III, IV, Advance I, II, III, IV, V)

(C) The movements are delicate and slow so all fitness levels, all ages, even those with illnesses and Ailments) can partake,... Please feel free to wear your abayas and/or niqabs as normal. (There is no reason to remove them.)

(D) Training prices are $25 per Month, per person... (family and/or buddy systems are discounted.)
(A) I am looking for dedicated-creative females 10 yrs or older to become trainers... Creating a business for yourself.  I will need "dedication" For 5 Months (January 2014- May 2014)

(B) Because there are certain guidelines  and etiquette when it comes to trainers, Training for trainers Will Be on Saturdays and Sundays... We will also discuss some General Business aspects as well. 

Once you have Tested at the end of the program, You will be given a  hijab/scarf and trophy this signifies your that you have successfully completed the level and you are ready for the next.

***Trainers Certificates available after all payments and Testing is Satisfied.***

"Saturday's R 4 Kidz" (Wellness Workshops)

~INSHAA'ALLAH (God Willing)~
If at all possible...come to the Briefing on  Saturday January 3rd,  You will learn all about the programs offered, but If not... Here are some things that you can look forward to. 


"Saturday's R 4 Kidz"
are interactive workshops designed to enhance and enliven the wellness within our children. This Program will teach "Basic" kid friendly Fitness, Nutrition, Science, and Interactive Games" all design under the umbrella of Wellness.

Every Saturday, we will do fitness Warm ups and Training; Thereafter each Saturday will host one of the following: 
(1) Hands on Nutritional Training "Chef for the day"(Teaching and Creating Healing Foods)
(2) Hand on Science and Creativity "Doctor for the Day"(Teaching, Understanding, and/or Healing Methods for Sickness.)
(3) Game Day 
(Teaching Social Wellness and Team Work)
(4) Every Month; the last Saturday of the month, there will be a monthly challenge in Fitness, Nutrition, or Science and Creativity. (optional to participate)
* In May, Children will be awarded and rewarded for their participation, bravery, and hard work with Gifts, Trophies, and Medals.
~ Pic from Last years "Women's Wellness Program 2015"