Monday, January 26, 2015

Saturdays R 4 Kidz! ::: "January's Monthly Challenge"

(so we will have enough for each child)
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**This Workshop Cost is $5 per child***
It's time for the End of the Month Challenge... We will have Wellness Games, Wellness Challenges and Wellness Prizes... This is not a contest, So all kids who enter into the challenges will be rewarded for their efforts.
:::Challenge 1::: 
FOOD CHALLENGE: Kids must use the easy recipe for making butter that they learned in the workshop, However, they must add their own flair and creativity to it using only herbs and seasonings of their choice. (remember Fresh is best.). You must name your butter creation (example: Crazy Butter)...  
RULES: No Artificial Flavorings or Coloring's, No MSG, Nitrates, Pork by-Products.

:::Game 1:::
GUESS-TIMATION: This is an estimation game. Each child will have a look at what is in the container. They must estimate how many are in there, They will be given a piece of paper to write their answers on. The one who comes closest to the number of items in the Jar, wins what is in the Jar.

NOTE:::No child will leave empty handed, everyone will be rewarded with something for their efforts.
Remember Bring your "Saturdays R 4 Kidz" bags

Pictures from Workshop... Click to Enlarge

(1) Zesty Butter was made of Raw Honey and orange Zest
(2) Hibiscus Butter was made of Honey and Hibiscus Flowers chopped.
(3) Cinnabun Butter was made of Raw Honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
(4) Pistachio Butter was made of raw Honey, Ground pistachios, and cardamom
(5) Lycii Berry Butter was made of Honey and Lycii Berries chopped
(6) Mango Butter was made of Pomegrante Honey, strawberry juice, mango, cinnamon, ginger.
(7) Lavender Butter was made of Honey and Lavender flowers.

(8) Oat Butter was made of Honey, Rolled oats, cinnamon, and coconut.

:::: Here's How to Make Butter:::
you will need:
(1) Heavy Whipping Cream and a Container with a tight lid... 

(2) Pour heavy whipping cream in the container (half full).

(3) Shake it... it will sound like a heavy milk while shaking.

(4) After a little while there will be no sound, if you open the lid and it looks like #4... (you have made whip cream like cool whip.)

(5) Keep shaking it will begin to separate and it will look like a less curdy cottage cheese like #5.

(6) Just continue shaking... you will eventually hear lots of liquid going on, when you hear this... the liquids have separated from the solids and you have successfully made butter! like #6.

(7) Remove from liquid and wrap it up... (refrigerate, because it's nice and soft...unless you are going to eat it right then.)

*** You may add Honey, but if you do.. only add a little or the honey will keep it sort of in a liquid state or like #5.
**** HINT*** the bigger the container, the longer it will take to become a lots of shaking will have to happen. However, I think you can do this process with a mixer as well..


1 Child = $10 per workshop  or $30 monthly
2 Children= $15 per workshop or $45 monthly
3 Children= $20 per workshop or $60 monthly

Pics from workshop

Sunday, January 25, 2015

:::Healthy Pizza Challenge::: ~Personal Pic Women's Wellness Workshop 2015 Hosted By Lorenda Lewis, RN

~Please Click on Pics to enlarge~

 *Ma'sha'Allah* The Pizza's were very tasty and all were very different... Please check out the Women's Wellness Workshop Blog for More info on this workshop and others like it to come, In'sha'Allah... 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Saturdays R 4 Kidz! "Wellness Workshops"::: Let's Make Our Natural Own Sore Throat Remedy:::

Come and Join the fun while learning how to effectively Heal a Sore Throat Naturally. This is a hands on interactive workshop where the information presented to our children will benefit them today and in the future. They will learn how to prepare their own food grade tonic and we will have kid friendly discussions about the nose, ear, and throat areas and how to best treat infections that occur naturally...

Our children will make 2 Different Natural Remedies: 
  • TONIC to drink.
  • And their own TEA BAG to take home.
They will also be given 3 EASY RECIPES for healing.
~~~~Workshop Cost: $10 per child~~~
**Be sure to dress your child/children in play wear and bring sneakers... At the start of each workshop we will be doing physical fitness. (In'sha'Allah/ God Willing)
~~~Please register on your right~~~


Monday, January 12, 2015

Women's Wellness Workshop 2015 Family Health 101 "Switching Over"

If you would like to learn a few effective ways of getting your loved ones to eat healthier, then this is  a workshop for you. I will share a few creative ways to combine and/or mask some of those healthy foods that picky eaters complain about. I will also share food alternatives that can help with disease and weight loss. 

~There will be food tasting demos~
~We will have a game for you to win a prize~

Registration form is on your right
Workshop Cost: $10 per person
Please register to insure a space. 

Wonderful workshop:
Click on Pic to enlarge

In this workshop we began by each person sampling each of the 5 foods. While sampling they were each give a piece of paper and pencil to answer questions about each food.

(1) Brown Rice Flour and Coconut Flour
(2) Turmeric
(3) Black Bean Pasta
(4) Spinach (Salad was made with mint, spinach, and pineapple) 
(5) Potato Gravy

After Questions were finished, we went on to talking about what was in certain foods, how to blend or mask foods successfully by color masking, taste masking, I gave examples of gravies for those with kidney disease and/or diabetics, and we tried 3 kinds of sugars and talked about how they are best used.
We all had a really wonderful time laughing alot and learning from each other...

Winners received these beautiful healing stone bracelets!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Saturday's R 4 Kidz! "Wellness Workshops" ::: Let's make our own Butter!:::

This is our second week of wellness workshops and we will be making our own butter! There is a very simple technique that we will be using, that requires, no cooking, no high powered equipment, and no fancy ingredients! This is where a little Science meets Natural Health! and this...... You gotta see! 

Kids will be able to take home their made samples to show and share with their families. 

At the end of the month there will be a food challenge! any child who participates in this workshop will be able to enter this challenge and win a prize! "Info will be given at the workshop."

You can register for the month or you can register for individual workshops. Please look to your right for the registration form.
*Workshop Cost: $10
*Girls 5 and Up
*Boys 5-10
*Mom's you can also bring your little ones under 5, but you or an adult 18 or older must accompany them.

::::This was a Wonderful Workshop::: Here are some scenes:::
Please Click on Photo to Enlarge

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Saturday's R 4 Kidz! :::Refrigerator Tag:::

Kicking off our Kids Wellness Workshops will be a great game called "Refrigerator Tag". It's sort of a cat n' mouse game of chase but with a twist.
This game will allow us to not only exert energy by running, but we will also explore foods our likes, dislikes, and tho
se that we have never tried!
There will be challenges within this game.
This game will also allow socialization and fun time for those who are homeschooling.

~Before Each Workshop There Will Be Kid Friendly Exercises.
~Please dress children in sneakers and play wear.

~~Workshop Duration: 1 hr

Follow this link to learn more and register:::----> 

Friday, January 2, 2015

~Saturday's R 4 Kidz! January Workshop Line Up!~

 Kid Friendly Fitness::: At the beginning of each workshop we will have a fitness class...These routines will take approx: 20-30 mins. This includes Flexibility, Cardiovascular and Strength Training. 
  • First Saturday::::: We will Play the interactive game "Refrigerator Tag" This game requires an open area for kids to run freely. It will teach about their food likes and dislikes all while having fun. Rules to the games will be stated at that time.

  • Second Saturday:::::We will make our own butter, no cooking required! It's super easy! Kids will love seeing their finished results!

  • Third Sunday:::: We will be making our own cold and sore throat remedy... It's really easy and all natural! We will talk about how to heal. We will make a liquid remedy for them to taste at the workshop and a herbal tea remedy to take home.

  • Fourth Saturday::: This is the day of our "MONTHLY CHALLENGE". With these challenges, kids will be able to pick from the previous workshops that they have participated in during the month. They will then get creative and make their own twist. 
  1. FITNESS CHALLENGE: Kids must complete their required monthly fitness goal by the end of each month. Kids who meet fitness goals for all five months, Receive a Trophy. 
  2. FOOD CHALLENGE: Kids must use the easy recipe for making butter that they learned in the workshop, However, they must add their own flair and creativity to it using only herbs and seasonings of their choice. (remember Fresh is best.). You must name your butter creation (example: Crazy Butter) You will be judges on TASTE, CREATIVITY, ORIGINALITY, and APPEARANCE. 
RULES: No Artificial Flavorings or Coloring's, No MSG, Nitrates, Pork by-Products.
NOTE:::All winners will be awarded with medals, trophies, gifts, etc... at the end of the program in May, but will be announced after judging. No child will leave empty handed, everyone will be rewarded for their efforts.
::: I will post a description of the new itinerary at the end of each month:::