Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Saturdays R 4 Kidz! End of the Month fun (March)

~Please Note the Time Change~ 2:00pm -3:00pm
(so we will have enough for each child)
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**This Workshop Cost is $5 per child***
It's time for the End of the Month Challenge... We will have Wellness Games, Wellness Challenges and Wellness Prizes...
This Months Wellness Game Promotes Team Work and Good Sportsmanship. 
~Team work always requires working with others, encouragement, lending a helping hand, and care. 
~Good sportsmanship requires playing fair, respect for their opponents, kind/polite behavior.

The kids will be playing dress-up relay. They will be divided into two teams. Each team will work together to assure that each member follow the relay rules all while trying to win the race, they are required to be helpful encouraging, and kind. Once we have completed the game teams are required to:
 (a) shake hands. 
(b) congratulate one another for efforts.

This Workshop is fun for Children as well as Adults! So come out and join in the fun! 
Due to the fact that this Wellness Game Promotes Team Work, Character, and Good Sportsmanship, 
Any member that does not participate in team work and/or Does not have good sportsmanship will not be rewarded. 
(The definition of Good Sportsmanship and Team work will be explained to children before the game begin.)
*Winning team members will receive a small trophy and a gift. 
*Second place team will receive gift for participating and good sportsmanship.

If time permits, We only have "one" game of Guess~timation this week.

GUESS-TIMATION: This is an estimation game. Each child will have a look at what is in the container. They must estimate how many items are in there, They will be given a piece of paper to write their answers on. The one who comes closest to the number of items in the Jar, wins what is in the Jar.

"Yes, they were ready" "Impeccable Team work"

"I was really amazed at how fast some of these kids were, it seemed the smaller, the faster"
"The Kids were all great sports"

All Kids received gifts of:
~Grow Your own GMO Free-Strawberries
~Sculpting/Molding Sand
~Small Trinket Gift
Winning team received Mini Trophies

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Saturdays R 4 Kidz! "Let's Make Our Own Lip Moisturizers"

Join us for this really natural girl and boy friendly Lip Moisturizer workshop! We will be using none waxy, healthy alternatives. The kids will make enough to take home and store for later and share with family...All Wholesome, No chemicals and tasty
::: Workshop Cost : $10:::
::::Registration is Important. Click the Link on your right--->

We only used a few key ingredients:
~Coconut Oil
~Olive Oil
~Caster Oil
~Liquid Vitamin D~Peppermint Oil.

The kids created, measured, and mixed all on their own! kids are absolutely amazing; Supply them with the tools, give the instruction, and they can do just as well as us adults. They are quick learners and very logical!

These moisturizers are minty and sweet. They are great healers, inside and out!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Womens Wellness Workshops 2015 " Respiratory Conditions" (Signs, Symptoms, and Natural Treatments)

Join Us for this Informative workshop on Respiratory Infections. Learn the Signs, Symptoms, and Natural Treatment for the best healing with little to no side effects. This workshop is an interactive so come prepared to try some things.

~Workshop Cost: $10

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I really enjoyed giving this workshop since most of us or our family members have suffered from these conditions. I Hope and pray that everyone finds success in Natural Healing... I can attest that healing yourself naturally is not a quick fix solution and it takes work; but over all, the body responds wonderfully when it's eased in to being healed as opposed to being Jolted with synthetics... Take Care, Live Well, and Enjoy!

Jazakum'Allahu Khairan, Thank you sis. Lorenda for taking great notes... I appreciate it.

Saturdays R 4 Kidz! "Let's Make A Breakfast Banana Split"

Join us for this really healthy way of making a banana split. We will be using lots of healthy alternatives so that kids can eat this wonderful treat before going to school or anytime of day or night... "No artificial anything!" Just Wholesomeness! 
::: Workshop Cost : $10:::
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"Pics From Workshops"
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This was a Fun and Tasty Workshop INDEED, We used lots of healthy wholesome ingredients. Like a plain yogurt straight from grass fed cows, Almond Maple Butter, and Chia Squeeze as toppings, Honey and plenty of fresh fruits, dried fruits as well as nuts and toasted oats!

The kids, parents, and grandparents enjoyed being creative, spending time together and with friends; as well as eating their Breakfast Banana Splits

The children are sooooo creative and they have wonderful imaginations which helps to Build Beautiful Breakfast Banana Splits!. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Saturdays R 4 Kidz! Dress Up Relay

~This Workshop Was Cancelled~