Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Women's Wellness Workshops 2015~2016 "Season 3"

As-Salaamu-Alakium wrwb Dear Family and Friends! (Peace Be Upon You All),

 It's time for another season of workshops and we are just about ready! Every year we are working to make our Wellness Workshops better and more attainable. There has been many new changes! All for the better and conveniences of "You" dear sisters! 

In'sha'Allah (God Willing).
  • This calendar year of 2015~2016 will be our first time starting our programs in the Fall, which I think will optimize our time.
  • We will be hosting in 3 locations: Dearborn, MI; Farmington Hills, MI; and Hamtramck, MI! Which gives flexibility.
  • There will be several types of workshops which gives more Options:
"Categories of Workshops and Host Facility"
  1. Workshops dedicated to Women and Female Teens only. (Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Hamtramck)
  2. Children's Workshops (Dearborn & Hamtramck)
  3. Mommy and Me Workshops (Dearborn & Hamtramck)
  4. Physical Fitness Classes (Hamtramck)
  5. Spiritual Wellness Classes (Farmington Hills & Hamtramck)
  6. Challenges of different sorts (Host Facility depends on the Challenge)

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