Thursday, July 21, 2016

Fit In Five "Health and Wellness Classes for Women

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As women we are constantly changing, and sometimes within these changes there comes illnesses and ailments.
"FIT IN FIVE" (Women Only)
Fit in Five is a HEP Detroit Sponsored Program. Our program is designed to get you consciously moving towards a more healthy lifestyle in hopes of reducing illness.

"Fit In Five" is a program that's designed for women and girls with illnesses or ailments. The focus of this program is to correct the ailment/illness and to reduce its progression so that we can have a better of quality of health. "All are welcome to join"; however, I am specifically looking for approximately 10 women and /or girls.
Our Last "Fit in Eight" Program was a success.

This program donations based (meaning you pay what you can afford) and God knows best in all things.

:::What You Can Expect:::

  •  5-10 min Stretches
  • 30 min brisk walk
  • 15 min meditation
  • 30 min Workshops
  • Light snacks and water provided
  1. Stretches: We will perform basic, simple stretches and we will talk about their benefits.
  2. Walking: We will briskly walk for 30 mins around the gym, we will also learn the benefits.
  3. Meditation: We will learn meditation techniques for stress reduction and becoming at one with your body.
  4. Workshops: We will discuss 5 major topics (The Body, Nutrition for Illnesses, Drug/ Vitamin/ Supplement Interactions, Spiritual Enhancers, Stress Reduction Methods).
~At the completion of this program, you will be rewarded for your efforts. 

:::What I will need from you:::
  • To fill out the wellness and registration forms.
~Wellness Form: 
  • I will need blood work from your Md (CMP that includes a CBC, Lipid Panel, and Urinalysis). note: If you have been to the doctor in the past year for a routine physical, your doctor should have this on file and should give it to you willingly.
  • Blood Pressure numbers
  • Vitamin D levels
  • Attendance, Patience, and Effort (It makes a difference).
::: Place, Day, Time:::
  • Veterans Park 
  • Joseph Campau Ave, Hamtramck, MI
  • (GYM)12555 Mc Dougall St, Detroit, MI
  • Saturdays Only
  • 11:30 am-1 pm

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

~Air.Abic (Motion & Movement)

The "Motion and Movements" of Air.abic was developed over 10 yrs ago
This form of physical fitness resembles martial Arts as it give a creative and innovative approach to Fitness. It encourages stamina, agility, flexibility, and poise all while learning the Arabic Alphabet.
There are achievement levels to Air.abic.
Class Date and Times:
Hamtramck, MI
Starting August 6th
Saturday's (Air.abic I) @ 9am
Sunday's (Air.abic II & III)@ 9 am
Cost:$30 Monthly (Family and Buddy discounts Available)
Veterans Park,
Joseph Campau Ave, Hamtramck, MI
12555 Mc Dougall St , Detroit MI

Complete Uniforms are available: Price Less than $50

CALL: (313) 522-0085

"Martial Arts For Women and Children" 2016-2017

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Sis. Aaqelah has studied Martial Arts for many years and Holds Certificates in several Martial Arts Styles.
Sis. Aaqelah is a "6 Degree black belt" in Jiu jitsu, and has training in other Martial arts like Shaolin Kung fu, Tai chi, and more..
Sis. Aaqelah will share with us a few styles of Martial Arts and how we can use it in self defense and in strengthening our mental and physical which leads to self discipline and self control.
If you are interested in training, taking classes, and/ or discovering the world of Martial Arts in a Women's only Martial Arts Class taught by our Sister, Then join us!
TIME::: 10 am
Veterans Park
Joseph Campau Ave, Hamtramck MI
12555 Mc Dougall St. (Al-Ikhlas/ Masjid Al-Falah) Gymnasium Hamtramack, MI
COST: $10 per Class or $50 per month (Family discounts Available)