Monday, September 19, 2016

Michigan's Women's Wellness Workshops 2016-2017

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:::::Autism Spectrum Condition:::::
:::In this workshop you will learn::::
(a) About the Conditions of Autism
(b) The best and worst nutrition for autism
(c) Supplements, herbs, and Alternatives
(d) Creative ways to implement good habits and consistency.
(e) How to create a comprehensive daily regimen for an autistic child

*Attendance: Adults Only
*Cost: $15 per person
*Duration: 1 hr

::: In this workshops you will learn:::
(a) The best Nutrition and worst Nutrition for cancer
(b) Supplements and herbs
(c) Benefits of Exercise
(d) Alternative treatments
(e) A few Simple Questions to ask your Oncologist

*Attendance: Teens and Adults Only
*Cost: $15 per person
*Duration:1 hr
::::: Mental Illness and Chemical Imbalances: The Links:::::
::: In this workshops you will learn:::
(a) The best Nutrition and Supplements that balances common mental illnesses 
(b) Exercising and the impact
(c) How common imbalances may start
(d) How to effectively listen to your body
(e) A few simple therapies that may help tremendously.

*Attendance: 12 and up
*Cost: $15 per person
*Duration:1 hr

::::: Signs and Symptoms of Mineral Deficiencies and Toxicities:::::
::: In this workshops you will learn:::
(a) Uncommon ways you can become deficient.
(b) What happens to organs and your systems when minerals becomes toxic.
(c) Foods that are balancings
(d) How deficiencies and toxicities effect the mental state.
(e) Ways to get minerals other than food sources.

*Attendance: Teens and Adults
*Cost: $15 per person
*Duration:1 hr

::::: A Comprehensive look at Signs and Symptoms of Hyper and Hypovitaminosis:::::
::: In this workshops you will learn:::
(a) Signs of Hyper and Hypovitaminosis
(b) What happens to organs and your systems when there is a deficiency or overload.
(c) Foods that are balancings
(d) How deficiencies and overloads effect the mental state.
(e) Herbs that have vitamins

*Attendance: Teens and Adults
*Cost: $15 per person
*Duration:1 hr
::::: Healing Tumors, Polyps, and Cysts Naturally:::::
::: In this workshops you will learn:::
(a) The difference between Tumors, Polyps, and Cyst.
(b) Foods that heal and Foods that hurt.
(c) How exercise can help and be beneficial.
(d) How chemical and vitamin deficiencies and overloads be a culprit.
(e) How to shrink them.

*Attendance: Teens and Adults
*Cost: $15 per person
*Duration:1 hr
::::: The Art of Stress Reduction and Mindful Living:::::
::: In this workshops you will learn:::
(a) Different methods for reducing stress
(b) How to identify and combat stress without injury
(c) What is Mindful Living and how to achieve it
(d) Tell yourself truths
(e) What does your word usage and tone say to the world

*Attendance: Teens and Adults
*Cost: $15 per person
*Duration:1 hr

::::: Pain Management: The Natural Approach:::::
::: In this workshops you will learn:::
(a) Foods, herbs, supplements, and medications that maybe contributing to your pain.
(b) How uncontrolled pain can lead to other illness.
(c) How well known pain medications can strip you of nutrients.
(d) Herbs and Supplements for pain management
(e) Creating a new lifestyle for pain management.

*Attendance: Teens and Adults
*Cost: $15 per person
*Duration:1 hr

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Michigan's Women's Wellness Workshops 2016 (Mental Illness and Chemical Imbalances)

Mental illness is not easily detected because some illness can be masked well. Some people may not realize they have a problem. When illnesses are detected, it may not be easy to understand and questions begin to arise like:
  • When did this happen?
  • Why do I feel overly happy, anxious, negative, or unstable?
  • Am I just sad, angry, or moody?
  • Why is everyone getting on my nerves all the time?
  • Why do I feel physically sick, but yet I am healthy?
Medical Doctors will most time treat you based on symptoms of what you tell them after blood work show that you are healthy. Allopaths almost never ask about your diet, your exercise regimen, and they almost never check your vitamin and mineral stores within your body; or it's the last thing they check after they distribute medication.

What if your Mental Illness can be treated Naturally? What if your moods can be controlled by balancing the bodies chemistry.

Join in as we bring chemical imbalances to a complete focus, We will be discussing at 5 areas: 
  • Deficiencies 
  • Overloads
  • Imbalances
  • How They Effect the Mind, Body, and Spirit.
  • How to Become Balanced with diet, fitness, and meditation.

Michigan's Women's Wellness Workshops 2016 "Cancer"

Cancer is a growing pandemic. From toddler to our elders, cancer is everyone's problem and no one is exempt. As we all can see, in this age everyone knows some one who is stricken with cancer and sadly we are all fighting together.

People with a low grade immune function is at a higher risk of diseases including cancer. Did you know that 90% of all cancers comes from lifestyle.

Most cancers can be effectively fought and warded off  with proper nutrients, exercise, supplements, herbs and other alternatives.

Join in  Thursday, October 27, 2016 as I share effective methods for warding off, fighting, and beating cancer, naturally.

Michigan's Women's Wellness Workshops 2016 "Autism"

Autism is a severe, sometimes lifelong behavioral disorder. We must first understand that autism is not a disease, but rather a condition or syndrome and that there is no known cause or cure.

Standard Western Medicine has no treatment for ASD other than drug management for disruptive behavior and that’s usually anti-depressants.

Natural Medicine and Alternative Treatments Programs such as diet, nutritional supplements, environmental medicines, Auditory Training, Craniosacral Therapy, and Behavioral Therapy has been the more promising for a greater degree of success, even resulting in noted cures for a few.

Join me Thursday September 29, 2016 as I share a comprehensive approach to living with autism. Complete with Diet, Supplements, Herbs, and other natural approaches