Thursday, December 22, 2016

Women's and Kids Wellness Workshops 2017 ~Line up~

 Saturdays R 4 Kidz! Food School is BACK! and we are going to have a great time in 2017 With Our "Healthy Edible Art" Classes.

Just as last year, Food school will have monthly classes.
"All materials will be provided."
Kids will be able to take home their creative edibles.

Join us as we explore our creative side!
Cost $15 per person.
Family Discounts Available
All ages: Parents Must Accompany children below 5 yrs

Mommy and Me Weekday Wellness Group is Ideal for Non-Traditional School Children. 
Together we will work on wellness crafts, wellness challenges, and fitness.

This is not your average Homeschooling/ Mommy and Me group. 
The focus will surround Natural Health and Teaching our future generation about Natural Healing and Wellness.

We will meet 2 Wednesdays out of the Month (The First and Third Wednesday), for structured fun and socialization.
Please be on the look out for individual activity flyers and Join Us!
Workshop Cost will vary: (FREE-$10)

 ::::: A Comprehensive look at Signs and Symptoms of Hyper and Hypovitaminosis:::::

::: God Willing, In this workshops you will learn:::

(a) Signs of Hyper and Hypovitaminosis

(b) What happens to organs and your systems when there is a deficiency or overload.

(c) Foods that are balancing

(d) How deficiencies and overloads effect the mental state.
(e) Herbs that are vitamin rich.

*Attendance: 10 Teens and/or Adults
*Cost: $15 per person
*Duration:1 hr

::::: Healing Tumors, Polyps, and Cysts Naturally:::::

:::God Willing, In this workshops you will learn:::
(a) The difference between Tumors, Polyps, and Cyst.
(b) Foods that heal and Foods that harm.
(c) How exercise can help and be beneficial.
(d) How chemicals, vitamin deficiencies, and overloads be a culprit.
(e) How to shrink tumors, polyps and cysts naturally.

*Attendance: 10 Teens and/or Adults
*Cost: $15 per person
*Duration:1 hr

 ::::: The Art of Stress Reduction and Mindful Living:::::

::: God Willing, In this workshops you will learn::: 

(a) Different methods for reducing stress

(b) How to identify and combat stress without injury

(c) What is Mindful Living and how to achieve it

(d) Tell yourself truths
(e) What does your word usage and tone say to the world

*Attendance: 10 Teens and/or Adults
*Cost: $15 per person
*Duration:1 hr

 ::::: Pain Management: The Natural Approach::::: 

::: God Willing, In this workshops you will learn:::

(a) Foods, herbs, supplements, and medications that maybe contributing to your pain.

(b) How uncontrolled pain can lead to other illness.

(c) How well known pain medications can strip you of nutrients.

(d) Herbs and Supplements for pain management

(e) Creating a new lifestyle for pain management.

*Attendance: 10 Teens and/or Adults
*Cost: $15 per person
*Duration:1 hr


*This creative and innovative approach to Fitness encourages stamina, agility, flexibility, and poise all while learning Arabic.
*There are many achievement levels to Air.abic.

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