Sunday, April 30, 2017

Edible Art Competition 2017

Edible Art is a fun and creative way to learn about foods all while expressing yourself and showing creativity. This year Our Edible Art Competition will be on the day of The Ending Ceremony. I anticipate that this day will be wonderful and Fun, God Willing!
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The Edible Art Competition will be held at the Dearborn Community Center (Masjid Al Salaam) 
3900 Schaefer Rd, Dearborn MI. If you need more info for this event call (313) 522-0085. There will be 4 Wellness Professionals to judge and Last Years "Food Schools" Sou Chefs. 
"This is not a competition for the faint hearted", Our Judges are competent and they are hard so bring your best and most creative  food art.
 Because this is a Wellness Competition and our first line of defense against illnesses is through your Nutritional intake; Ingredients is the first thing the judges will be looking at. 

If your dish is Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Pescatarian, ovo-lacto vegetarian etc... It would be beneficial to share it on your note cards with judges. 

You will be judged on:
(1) Health Consciousness
(2) Taste
(3) Originality
(4) Creativity
(5) Presentation

  • You must be a team of "2" (All ages are welcomed)
  • You must Name your Dish 
  • You must List Brands Used.
  • You must List all ingredients.
  • All Meats Must Be Zabiha (Slaughtered in accordance to the Islamic Law)
  • No Alcohol By Product can be used. (look out for flavorings)
  • No Pork By Product can be used. (look out for breads and dairy especially)
  • You must make enough for 5 judges at least. You can make more to share with group if you wish.
  • Your food must be prepared at home and brought to the center.
  • You can be as extravagant or simple as you like but it must be edible art.
  • Please Try and Be on Time.
"Means of Disqualification"
  • The Use of Pork by Products.
  • The Use of Alcohol by Products
  • The Use of Non-Zabiha Meats

“Ingredients that may be pork based”
Porcine, Mono and dyglycerides (Deriving from Animal), Glycerin (Deriving From Animal), Gelatin (Deriving From Animal), Monoglycerides (Deriving from Animal), Dough Conditioners (Deriving From Animal), Lecithin (Deriving from Animal), ETC… (If in doubt please don't use the item).

Points will be taken for each rule not followed

Worldwide Women's Wellness Workshops "Ending Ceremony 2017"

Join us as we honor participant of 2016-2017 Workshops!
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(Seating is limited to 50 people)

Women's Wellness Workshops "Ending Ceremony 2016"

Each year we are blessed to have an ending ceremony which recognizes participants who consistently worked hard within our programs. Please take a look at pictures. Click to enlarge.

Children who had 50% attendance at Food school were given colorful aprons and matching chef caps
Children who had 100% Attendance at Food School were give Chef Jacket with their names and custom stitching.
Those teams who won food challenges were given 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies.
As a token of our appreciation and love for those our Wellness Workshop Presenters were given these lovely heart weights. 

The Children in Food School Were given Gift Baskets with all sorts of things they could use along the way.

The Women in our "Fit in Eight" Program receives gift baskets with New Ryka Sneakers, T shirts, Gym bags, and snacks to help them to continue their workout long after the program is over.

 As a treat, Yes we had cake! :)

The children in our program: "Well Biz Kidz" received a Business Starter kit. With price stickers, business card samples, calculators, pen's, customized pencils, budget sheets, etc,...

Our vendor were great! 


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturdays R4 Kidz! Food School 2017! "Let's Make Potted Edible Gardens"

This is our Last Food School for this Season! So let's make it great! 
April Showers Bring May Flowers and A garden of edible flowers it shall be (God Willing)!
Everything will be provided as always, You just bring your Creative, Talents! 
See You Soon, God Willing!

"Please Click Pic To Enlarge."
We will be using Clay Pots and Many Other Naturals
Follow the Link to Register:

Table #1 Was where they were to design their Flower pots. 

In the crockpots we had Red and Black Quinoa, We also had Ground Chicken Breast in a third crockpot. These are used as the Pot filler or "Dirt".

Table #2 was to build their Potted Garden for Lunch and/or Dinner.

Table #3 Was to build their Potted Garden For Breakfast and/or Dessert

Table #3 Was to build their Potted Garden For Breakfast and/or Dessert... 

By the way. The cupcakes are Gluten-free and Caffeine-Free (Made from Scratch). Made with All organics and Carob powder in stead of Chocolate. "THEY WERE A TOTAL HIT" with both kids and parents.

All Done!

This is happens at Food School A lot!