Friday, December 14, 2018

Living the Next Chapter... "Taping into Our Spiritual Selves"

For this month of December "Living the Next Chapter" will take a journey in search of a higher spiritual awareness. Perhaps we will learn things we didn't know about ourselves! We can accomplish things we have never done before or would like to do, explore more, or create and bring new ideas into existence.

This journey hopefully lead us right into 2019 with a positive out look on life and enhancing our spiritual selves.

Let's Make Our Own Organic Sugar Scrubs!

On November 25th, The ladies from "Living The Next Chapter" had a chance to partake in this tasty online workshop.
Not only was this simple, but also edible.
If you know me, then you'll know that one of my motto's are: 
"If you can't eat it, then you shouldn't be using it on the biggest organ of the body..."Your Skin".
As Always, Take Care and Live Well! 

Monday, October 22, 2018

Living The Next Chapter "Raw Pizza Challenge"

"Living the Next Chapter Raw Pizza Challenge"
PLEASE NOTE: Because this is a Wellness Program and Your First Line of defense against Disease and illnesses is through your Nutritional intake, health consciousness is the first thing the judges will be looking at; so try and remember this when deciding on your dish.  
you will be judged on:
(1) Health Consciousness
(2) Taste
(3) Originality
(4) Creativity
(5) Presentation

  • You must Name your Dish. 
  • You must List Brands Used.
  • You must List all ingredients.
  • You must make enough for 3 judges at least. You can make more to share with group if you wish.
  • Your food must be prepared at home and brought to the challenge site.

“Careful some packages, jars, can products, etc... may not be fully raw”
Organic is best
 Being creative and artsy goes a long way
Having the right taste combinations could put you above the rest!



Wednesday, October 10, 2018

October's Wellness Workshops 2018

Wellness Workshops for Women and Children in the Month of October!
If you would like to know more, Please contact me:

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Learn To Make Your Own Natural-Healing Mouthwash

Peace and Blessings Ladies!
Join in as we make our own healing mouthwash.

 In this simple process. 
You will find a quick, easy, and non-caustic solution to:  
bacteria, viruses, inflammation, pain, and Gingivitis!

You will also receive a  free-list of 10 other herbal mouth cleansers!
Saturday Oct 13th, 2018 @11: am-12:pm
Remember, The first 5 ladies to enter the workshop
 get a free glass mini measuring cup!
Register Here!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

"Living the Next Chapter"

As Salaamu Alakium wrwb (Peace and Blessings Be Upon You All).
Thank you dear sisters for coming out to the overview for "Living the Next Chapter" and Registering!
On Sundays (October 7th-Dec 30th) we will have 2 Class times to accommodate both;
-Women and pubescent  girls who need Self Time.
-Mommy's who need the classes but have children. 

  • Class I: 11: 00 am = Women and Girls in puberty.
  • Class II: 12:45 pm= Mom's with Children.
Both classes will cover the same information and activities. 
(Spiritual, Nutritional, and Physical Wellness)
  • Classes are not for a cost, but donations are encouraged to help with activities and expenses.

Please bring comfortable clothing, an exercise mat, and I'll provide the rest, In'sha'Allah.
If there is something more needed, I will share this info in class.

The purpose of these classes is to help you find wellness from all angles 
(Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Nutritional).
Activities and information will be healing, balanced, and rewarding for those who try and are consistent.

Martial Arts For Boys

We have had a beautiful response and support for our 
Women's Program from you sisters! Thank you! 
Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT has also listened and responded to our prayers.
We now have a little extra space and help with our children.
My husband and two of my sons, who are all black belts in Olympic style Martial Arts
will have a class simultaneously with our 12:45 class for 'boys' ages 4-17 yrs old.
In'sha'Allah, cost will be $5 per child. 
This is 'not for the general public' at this time. 
This is just a little help for the sister in the Wellness group "Living the Next Chapter".
Please let me know how many sisters are interested and how many of your children are attending.
⏺️Boys ages 6-17 coming with the mom's, must go to the Martial Arts Class and be willing to stay in the class with the brothers.
⏺️Although space is limited; Husbands/Fathers are allowed to come and watch the martial arts activities of their sons. 

⏺Women are discouraged from being among the men. (modesty purposes).

This is a stress free/judgement free zone, so no worries just do your best and you'll do fine. 
I'm Looking forward to seeing you all!
**** Please register, Space is limited.****
~Take Care and Explore Natural Healing~

Saturday, September 1, 2018

September 2018 Workshops For Women and Children

Peace and Blessings Everyone!
Thank you for taking the time to drop by. This season of workshops are filled with learning, challenging yourself, and lot's of hand-on experience. Join in; I look forward to seeing you!
:::Workshops are Categorized::: 
For a complete list of workshops through out the year: Please follow each link provided to learn more.

WellScript Online Wellness Workshops
 :::Click Here To Register:::
Fatasyalana Women's Wellness Initiative:
:::Click Here To Register:::
Saturday's R4 Kidz! Wellness Academy:
:::Click Here To Register:::

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Saturday's R4 Kidz! Wellness Academy 2018-2019

Peace and Blessings! 
We are looking towards a wonderful fun filled year...
Hope You Can Join Us!
Send Questions to
If you are ready to Register click the link below.
Registration is Open For Pen Paling
Boys up to age 12
Girls of all ages

Register before Sept 16th for the Fall Read-A-Thon
Boys up to age 12
Girls of all ages

Register before Nov 25th for Math-Olympics
All Elementary and Middle School
(More appropriate for grades 3-8, but 1-2 graders are welcomed)

Register on the 1st of each month for Food School
Boys up to age 12
Girls of all ages

Register before December 23rd For Cultural Diversity Day
Boys up to age 12
Girls of all ages

Register Before Sept 30th For Spelling Bee
Boys up to age 12
Girls of all ages

Register before Dec 30th for Weird Eco Science Fair
Boys up to age 12
Girls of all ages

Register before April 1 For Trade Day
Boys up to age 12
Girls of all ages

Fatasyalana Women's Wellness Initiative

Questions? Contact:
Register by clicking the  link below

Living the Next Chapter is for those who are ready to make changes in their lives. 
God Willing, You will be turning the page in your book and beginning that next chapter, the chapter that heals you (Nutritionally, Physically, and Spiritually).
Join In as we heal, balance, and strengthen, Naturally. (This is not a religious based class).
Cost: $25 per person/ Per Month
These classes will consist of Hands On and Interactives, Our Focus will be:
  • Nutritional Wellness (Learn to Make Simple Healthy Recipes and Nutritional Do's and Don'ts)
  • Physical Fitness (Learn Easy-Functional Exercises to get you physically on track and Strong)
  • Spiritual Enhancement (Learn Simple and functional Ways To Enhance Spirituality )

Space Available for 8 (Women and/or Teen Ladies)

Join Us!

WellScript Wellness Workshops 2018 (Online)

Register by clicking the link below: 

In this 1 hr class I will explain: 
  • What is cancer in the simplest form
  • What Causes Cancer
  • The best and worst foods
  • Alternative treatments
  • How herbals, supplements, and exercises can help. 

In this 1 hr class I will explain:

  • The immune system and it's function
  • How it protects
  • What harms the immune system
  • The best and worst foods
  • How exercise can help

In this 1 hr class I will explain:

  • What are Mental Disorders
  • Some things that can cause mental disorder
  • The Best and Worst Foods
  • How Exercise and Supplements Can Help
  • Common Things that Mimic Mental Disorders

In this 1 hr Class, I will explain:
  • What tumors are.
  • What can cause tumors
  • The best and worst foods
  • How exercise can help
  • Herbs and supplements that can help and harm.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Let's Make Raw Vegan Sausage (The Workshop)

This was a Wonderful Workshop, I got compliments from those passing by on how wonderful they smelled... (Although our door was closed, The aroma walked out!)

These thing are not a necessity, but they sure make things go quicker and a little easier.

For all who are vegans| Raw foodies| or in search of a sausage alternative,
I think you will love this recipe. 
No MSG, Nitrates, or Artificial Anything
(Diabetic, Hypertension, and Cholesterol Friendly)