Monday, January 22, 2018

SR4Kidz! Food School: January 2018 "Let's Make Aioli"

Food School is going "Back to the Basic" and what this means is that our little cooks will be learning how to make condiments from scratch; the ole fashion way. These are not just your average condiments; these are traditional and/ or gourmet. 

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Our First Condiments Class of the year was Making Aioli!
Aoili is a Mediterranean sauce that can go on most foods with the exception of sweets. It can go on chicken, fish, vegetables, beef, potatoes, rice, and the list goes on. 
Some people liken it to Mayo; but when you make it truly traditional, it's nothing like mayo.  
I am eager for our challenge in week 3


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Saturday's R4 Kidz! 2018 Spring Science Fair

Welcome to Saturday’s R4 Kidz!
“Eco-Science Fair”

What a great exploration I hope this will be!
Did you know that there is science all around us? Physically, Nutritionally, Environmentally, and Chemically!
Perhaps if you really search hard enough you may find some really good answers to your great questions or you may find wonderful solutions for many of the problem in our world today.

The Eco-Science Fair is Virtual and On site to accommodate children all over the country. Once you are registered additional info will be emailed.   

Click Below to Register @: 
Saturday's R4 Kidz! Children's Wellness Workshops

Friday, January 12, 2018

Saturday's R4 Kidz! Aioli Food Challenge! 2018

Aioli is a wonderful Mediterranean sauce to put on all sorts of dishes! Our First SR4Kidz! Food School of the year was making this wonderful condiment and might I add tasty! Please make your Aioli original by adding other ingredients of choice. Since this is a condiment... It may be best to bring a dish or a food that the judge can taste with your Aioli.

Because this is a Wellness Competition and our first line of defense against illnesses is through your Nutritional intake; Ingredients is the first thing the judges will be looking at. 

If your dish is Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Pescatarian, ovo-lacto vegetarian etc... It would be beneficial to share it on your note cards with judges. 

You will be judged on:
(1) Health Consciousness
(2) Taste
(3) Originality
(4) Creativity
(5) Presentation

  • You must Name your Dish 
  • You must List Brands Used.
  • You must List all ingredients.
  • All Meats Must Be Zabiha (Slaughtered in accordance to the Islamic Law)
  • No Alcohol By Product can be used. (look out for flavorings)
  • No Pork By Product can be used. (look out for breads and dairy especially)
  • You must make enough for 1 judges at least. (You can make more to share with group if you wish.)
  • Your food must be prepared at home and brought to the center.
  • You can be as extravagant or simple as you like but it must be edible art.
  • Please Try and Be on Time.
"Means of Disqualification"
  • The Use of Pork by Products.
  • The Use of Alcohol by Products
  • The Use of Non-Zabiha Meats

“Ingredients that may be pork based”
Porcine, Mono and dyglycerides (Deriving from Animal), Glycerin (Deriving From Animal), Gelatin (Deriving From Animal), Monoglycerides (Deriving from Animal), Dough Conditioners (Deriving From Animal), Lecithin (Deriving from Animal), ETC… (If in doubt please don't use the item).

Points will be taken for each rule not followed

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

SR4Kidz! Food School Class Schedule 2018

The Classes
Saturday's R4 Kidz will meet once a month to learn how to make Gourmet or Traditional Condiment's "The Healthy Way". 
As a bonus to our class, we will have lunch and try out our healthy condiments. 
Classes are $20 per person
Family Discounts are available.
~You must register every month~
~Paying prior will secure your place~


The Challenges
Saturday's R4 Kidz! Will also have an optional challenge to win prizes. This happens in the third week of the month. Only children who were present in the class (prior to the challenge) are be able to be in the challenge.
*There is no cost to be in the challenge.
"There will only be one prize per challenge."