Sunday, April 1, 2018

Saturday's R4 Kidz! 2018 Ending Ceremony

Thank you for registering the ceremony is full.

Saturday's R4 Kidz! Trade and Barter Day!

Join Us Saturday at 3 pm for a day of trade and bartering.
Please Register Here: SR4Kidz! 2018 Registration Form

~This is a very simple process that all kids can partake in~
You can bring what ever you like to trade or barter.
Food, Clothing, Toys, books, electronic, etc...
No money is allowed
There is no selling of goods.

*I will provide table cloths for the children, but they are more than welcome to bring their own table, blanket, rug, etc...
*they can even make a display board to draw peoples attention to their items or business.
~See You Soon and Happy Trading~