Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Summer of Wellness

Peace and Blessings Family and Friends! 
I want to invite you to "A Summer of Wellness"!

A Summer of Wellness is variety of workshops and classes dedicated to our health and well-being.
 In the months of July and August these workshops will consist of creative foods, wellness classes, fun, and activities for girls and women.

Registration is a must 
As a protection for our participants and our presenters; we need important information such as Allergies, Illnesses, Medications, etc...
Space Is Limited
*For These Reasons; If you do not register, you will not be able to attend (FIRM)*

~Thank you Kindly~

Upcoming Workshops to Enjoy! 
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Join our beautiful Funeral Director Helon Rahman of Rahman Funeral Home
for this much needed workshop. She will teach us about the necessary elements of a proper Janazah washing and burials in accordance with Qur'an and Sunnah. This is a task we may all have to face one day. I encourage you to bring your daughters if you feel that they are of age to learn.
Ages: 10 and Up

(Diabetes Friendly, Cholesterol Friendly, and Hypertensive Friendly Workshop)
Join in on this great workshop! 
For all of my raw vegan foodies who have not had a good sausage in a while;
You will love this this one! 
You will be able to make your sausage "Hot and Spicy" or "Mild"!
For all who are looking for a better lifestyle, A healthy sausage without msg, nitrates, and other chemicals this is what you are looking for.
 You Will Love This!
Even Non-Raw Vegans Like this recipe.
Ages: 10 & Up