Monday, October 22, 2018

Living The Next Chapter "Raw Pizza Challenge"

"Living the Next Chapter Raw Pizza Challenge"
PLEASE NOTE: Because this is a Wellness Program and Your First Line of defense against Disease and illnesses is through your Nutritional intake, health consciousness is the first thing the judges will be looking at; so try and remember this when deciding on your dish.  
you will be judged on:
(1) Health Consciousness
(2) Taste
(3) Originality
(4) Creativity
(5) Presentation

  • You must Name your Dish. 
  • You must List Brands Used.
  • You must List all ingredients.
  • You must make enough for 3 judges at least. You can make more to share with group if you wish.
  • Your food must be prepared at home and brought to the challenge site.

“Careful some packages, jars, can products, etc... may not be fully raw”
Organic is best
 Being creative and artsy goes a long way
Having the right taste combinations could put you above the rest!



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